The integrated digital platform for predictive maintenance

The integrated digital platform
for predictive maintenance

SYENMAINT® Platform is an innovative technology for the monitoring and diagnostics of assets in various industrial sectors. A system of integrated smart sensors continuously detects large amounts of data that are processed and analyzed using proprietary algorithms, machine learning systems and artificial intelligence to carry out preventive diagnoses and prepare maintenance plans. In this way, the life cycle of assets can be optimized by reducing costs, improving the reliability and quality of service (business intelligence).

  • Fault prediction and dynamic management of maintenance plans
  • Increase in the productivity of plants and infrastructures
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Reduction of security risks
  • Increased operational life of the plants
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • Optimized management of maintenance interventions
  • Integrated management of inventory, warehouse, personnel and equipment
  • Management of interconnections


Layer 1: Sensors

(IoE, IoT, IIoT, Wireless Sensors Networks, Cyber Physical Systems, Energy Harvesting Modules)

Layer 2: Hardware

(Embedded Computing, Storage Module, Transmission Unit)

Layer 3: Firmware

(Condition Based Monitoring, Predictive Diagnostics, Machine learning & Artificial intelligence, Big Data & Data Analytics, Decision Support System)

Layer 4: Software

(MES, ERP, EAM, Augmented Reality, BlockChain, BIM)

Competitive advantages

The SYENMAINT Platform technology manages the asset monitoring activities in an integrated way, ensuring lower costs, more efficiency, more safety, more quality of service, more reliability

Smart detection

In real time the operating data of the devices under test through a system of smart sensors

Calculation and discovery

Through distributed hardware components, the operating status of the device under test

Check and comparison

Through Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics systems

Alerts and management

Detects malfunctions and defines the procedures to be adopted for the maintenance intervention

Vertical solutions

The solutions designed by SYENMAINT and based on SYENMAINT Platform technology use state-of-the-art methodologies for the monitoring and diagnostics of assets in different application areas


The innovative and integrated technology for the monitoring and diagnostics of assets in various application areas

SYPLA Building

The digital platform for structural monitoring and building maintenance

SYPLA Energy

Energy monitoring of buildings and maintenance of energy systems from renewable sources

SYPLA Industry 4.0

The integrated digital platform for monitoring and managing interconnected industrial processes

SYPLA Health

The integrated platform for telemedicine and health logistics management


The integrated digital platform for predictive railway maintenance


Predictive maintenance of rolling stocks and railway infrastructures

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