The integrated digital platform for monitoring and managing interconnected industrial processes

The integrated digital solution for monitoring and managing interconnected industrial processes

SYPLA INDUSTRY 4.0 is the multilayer system, based on SYENMAINT® Platform technology and composed of sensors, hardware, firmware and software for the digitalization and optimization of processes for the control and management of industrial production (ERP), for the monitoring of industrial plants and production machines for the management of predictive asset maintenance (EAM) and for the interconnection of production machines to the production management system (MES)

SYPLA INDUSTRY 4.0 solves in an integrated way all the management aspects connected to the production process, from the monitoring of the production asset through IoT sensors, to predictive diagnostics through distributed computing systems Edge Computing and Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms, up to maintenance through the integrated management of stocks for spare parts, warehouse, personnel, planning of interventions supported by augmented reality tools, management of production operating costs.


  • Optimizes production processes with reduction of management costs.
  • Optimizes monitoring, diagnostics and fault prediction of production lines.
  • Manages maintenance cycles in a dynamic and integrated way, considering all the factors involved in the process.
  • Interconnects all elements of the production process

The distributed computing system of SYPLA Industry 4.0 brings a distinct advantage to the entire system architecture, especially in terms of processing latency, reduction of data traffic and greater resilience in the event of an interruption in the data connection

  • Smart sensor networks (smart sensing), innovative monitoring and diagnostic techniques, data analytics
  • Decision support tools, based on innovative machine learning methods
  • Augmented reality systems to support maintenance activities


  • Process and Management Control in an innovative integrated solution
  • Strong interconnection between machines, sensors and management software
  • Real-time monitoring of the status of machines and production plants
  • Simplification and acceleration of maintenance interventions
  • Process document management
  • Improvement of the quality of production
  • Reduction of production cycle stops
  • Process costs reduction
  • Improvement of operational safety
  • Data collection and management for statistical, historicized and aggregated analysis


  • Predictive asset maintenance
  • Industrial productions monitoring and optimization
  • Smart IOT asset monitoring
  • Interconnections and safety improvements
  • Integrated maintenance management
  • Web app remote monitoring
  • Lifecycle maintenance cost reduction
  • Product cost reduction

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