The integrated digital platform for telemedicine and health logistics management

The integrated digital platform for telemedicine and health logistics management

SYPLA HEALTH is the multilayer system, based on SYENMAINT® Platform technology, composed of sensors, hardware, firmware and software for the integrated management of:

  • advanced telemedicine for remote tele-assistance, remote sensing of the vital parameters of the at home patient and forecast analysis of the state of health and hospitalization (E-Health)
  • management of health logistics for land (ambulances, cars) and air (aircraft, helicopters, drones) transport of medical equipment (Fleet Management)
  • optimization of the allocation of health care facilities, analytical laboratories, pharmacies, ASL, Clinics, GPs and medical guards (Enterprise Resource Planner)


The adoption of SYPLA HEALTH allows to optimize the monitoring and home care process of patients in isolation and, at the same time, in an anti-COVID perspective, to drastically reduce the exposure of medical health personnel to the risk of contagion, reserving the hospital stay only to the most serious cases

SYPLA Health applies innovative technological solutions to the healthcare world (sensor fusion, neural networks, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data prediction, etc.) to provide solutions accessible via Mobile App (compatible with Tablet / Smartphone) and desk devices in a single tool, interconnected to the SYENMAINT DATA CENTER for

  • Remote diagnosis and assistance of at home patients, through remote management of wearable medical devices and desks for remote control of vital parameters, video assistance systems and innovative proprietary algorithms for predicting the progress of the hospital stay;
  • Integrated logistics management for land and drone transport, even in critical areas, of sanitary material (swabs, biological materials, blood, drugs and organs), through proprietary health containers with predictive self-diagnostic functionality of the transport conditions of samples, to guarantee high standards of quality and safety and the vitality of biological materials.


  • Remote and predictive diagnosis of the patient’s health status.
  • Integrated management of the transport of medical equipment and fleet management.
  • Prediction of the state of spread of the contagion.
  • Dynamic allocation of personnel, emergency vehicles, intensive care places and hospital accommodation, based on availability and scenario forecasts


  • Smart IOT E-Health monitoring
  • Home care
  • Data collection & big data analytics
  • Data center management
  • Health prediction
  • Optimized management of healthcare processes
  • Integrated health logistics management
  • Integrated asset and fleet management
  • Web app remote monitoring
  • Vailability improvements, safety and quality of service increasing

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