What is it?

The project involves the creation of a system for detecting objects in bags, suitcases and cars. The system consists of two elements:

  • S-Box: a prototype of small electronic device (max cm 10x5x2) easily integrated
  • S-App: for smartphones to manage the objects to monitor the reception of notifications and alarms G

Here's how it works:

  1. The objects to be monitored can be chosen from a pre-set list directly from the App or entered manually if not listed. (jewels, wallets, clothes, make-up, cameras and other electronic devices, bottles, perfumes, food, etc.)
  2. For each object to be monitored, just attach an adhesive RFID tag a few millimeters
  3. Associate and manage the assignment directly from the smartphone using the S-Box App
  4. S-Box, stored in a bag, suitcase, car, etc., communicates via Bluetooth to the smartphone the presence or objects within a range of 2mt (passive RFID) or higher (active RFID) and communicate with the smartphone up to 30mt (Bluetooth )
  5. In case of absence of the product, the system generates an alarm on the user smartphone or numbering desired (calls, sms, push ...)
  6. The notification also includes information on the exact point and time of the last presence check


Here are some further examples of application, in addition to bags and suitcases:

  • It can monitor everything that enters and leaves a home, and beyond a time slot programmed for each individual sensor connected to each object or person.
  • Report the presence of children or animals in cars, rooms or structures
  • For dangerous objects (cylinders, hazardous materials, etc.), report the room or the room where they are placed, and if in case they are moved, and for fire extinguishers also trigger the alarm if expired and not revised
  • For public and private garages, they signal the cars that enter and excono and also the hourly car in which they do it. Also applicable for boat storage, etc.
  • In restaurants, hotels, etc .., triggers the alarm if someone goes away without having paid the bill
  • In city buses, and in trams, and in the metro, it is possible to check who enters and who goes out and in case of suitcases, what's in the suitcases that adopt this system.
  • It can be connected to a video surveillance system and activate the camera corresponding to the object or person you want to find and that the system has monitored
  • In Airports, Stadiums, Stations, Banks, Supermarkets, Swimming Pools, etc., you can monitor your suitcase, backpack, bag, and do not miss it, and you can also say what's inside it.
  • In factories and warehouses it can tell what and who enters or exits, and at what time and can be hooked up to other management systems of logistics and management of things and people.

Who is behind the project

The holders of the S-Box and S-App patent are:

  • SYENMAINT(SYStems ENgineering for MAINTENANCE applications) is an "innovative Startup" founded by a team of engineers with different professional skills (electronic, computer, mechanical) of consolidated experience in various sectors (Industrial Automation, Aeronautics, Railway, Biomedical, Services for advanced tertiary , TLC, etc.)
  • SSET, design company, research and development of new products and integrated systems that can meet the demands and needs of companies and the global market for the optimization of processes and the reduction of costs with a very high level of security and cybersecurity .

The resources of the two companies have great experience in the ICT, Cybersecurity, and innovation sectors, and in particular in the field of civil and military security systems. The offer ranges from integrated systems for the production line of companies to sensors and software for optimization of maintenance and management of stocks and production itself. New systems that reduce downtime, costs and optimize the work of human and machine resources of companies

Future developments

The project does not end after the harvest, but we already have in mind to add functions or expand existing ones, willingly accepting your suggestions too. Here are some planned upgrades

  • Increase the battery life of the S-Box thanks to the «bluetooth low energy» technology
  • Making geolocalizable S-Box with GPS upgrade module (in the financed version it uses the GPS of the connected smartphone
  • Extend the detection from 30mt of Bluetooth to Worldwide thanks to the SIM module
  • Extend monitoring of objects to houses, apartments, warehouses, shops etc.